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    Parents, are you tired? Worried? Confused about how to help your teen?

    We understand. You have tried everything, and nothing seems to work. Our two-fold mission is clear.

    The mission of Compass II Life is to remain dynamic in action while decisively serving the children and families on the Gulf Coast with clinical delivery and family support intervention that works. Compass II Life remains different by design by following only the latest trends, lifestyles, and communication styles teens are currently using in real time.

    We are very effective with all teens. Our individual services demand self-examination and self-development; we positively challenge Anger Management, Disruptive Behaviors, Conduct Challenges, Disrespect for Authority/Police and more.

    Our Community groups include active therapy, examination of teen statistics, teen presentations, rotating leadership roles and more. Our graduation capstone exercise at week 10 is like no other. Your teen will be proud to be a graduate of this program.

    Compass II Life Graduates Alumni-only incentives include continued mentoring, school visits, quarterly sports or recreational events, community service, television appearances, educational trips, free drug testing, and more!

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    What our clients have to say

    “The counselors are great and were able to connect to my son to help my son”

    L. Young

    “Deon is a great mentor for my son, I appreciate everything this program has to offer”

    S. Faircloth

    “The counselor took time to listen to me and really cares about my grandchildren. Amazing program & quality counseling”

    P. Murray

    Founders Education & Experience

    Deon Gatson, is founder of Compass II Life Services, which was founded in 2016 after he repeatedly witnessed a glaring need and gap in the delivery of mental healthcare for youth across the Gulf Coast. Deon holds a Bachelors Degree in Sociology, Masters Degree in Marriage & Family Counseling both from the University of Mobile, and is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. Deon has over a decade of proven experience in juvenile court, community mental health, non-profit operations, and private practice.

    Deon is a graduate of the Alabama Military Academy and also an Officer in the Alabama Army National Guard serving as a Military Police Officer. He is a combat veteran and very active in the National Guard Officers Association of Alabama.

    Deon is no stranger to this Community and welcomes the opportunity to serve you and your family today!

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