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  • Community Programs & Events

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    Programs Offered

    1. Boys Behavior & Leadership 10 Week Program
    2. STOP 180 (Healthy Boundaries) Program
    3. Anger Management 10 Week Program
    4. Quarterly Youth Workshops, Aftercare, & Events
    5. Baldwin County School Based (BCBE) Boys Behavior & Leadership Program

    Groups offered weekly at two locations:

    • Mobile, AL- Compass II Life Office- 820 University Blvd, Suite 4F (6PM-7PM Tuesdays)
    • Daphne, AL- Compass II Life Office- 6642 Park Drive, Suite B (430PM-530PM Wednesdays)

    We cover multiple 10-week programs focusing on developing teens into leaders. Members will also have rotating leadership positions within the group. All programs are completed with our Capstone Graduation & Awards Ceremony.

    Our innovative programs and multifunctional family services are led by Deon Gatson, a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT). Deon encourages teens to live life with high standards, and is very effective in working with teens and adolescents facing issues such as low self esteem/confidence, anger management, respect for parents/authority, life purpose, academic motivation, and goal orientation.

    Compass II Life has an active Committee that meets quarterly to improve the quality of the program, measure success rates, and ensure continued area-wide collaboration. Our Committee partners include Baldwin/Mobile County Public Schools staff, senior licensed therapists, and representatives from both the City of Mobile and the City of Daphne.

    Upcoming Events

    Thursday, 5/9/24 – Daphne Police/Compass II Life Youth Ambassador Program Open Interest Meeting. Daphne Police Department, 6pm.

    Tuesday, 5/28/24 – Anger Management Program NEW cycle begins (Offered in Mobile). Call to Register!

    Wednesday, 5/29/24 – Boys Behavior & Leadership Program (Offered in Daphne) NEW cycle begins. Online Registration Available Soon.


    2024 Program Cycle Dates:

    Cycle 1: January 9, 2024- March 6, 2024

    Cycle 2: March 12, 2024- May 15, 2024

    Cycle 3: May 28, 2024- July 31, 2024

    Cycle 4: August 13, 2024- October 9, 2024

    Cycle 5: October 15, 2024- December 11, 2024