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  • Why is youth mentoring important to us?

    • Learn New Things – One of the reasons why mentoring is so important is because having a mentor helps children and teens learn new things. Through mentoring, they use their experience and knowledge to help mentees learn new things, gain new skills, and grow as a person.
    • Receive Guidance – Mentors also provide their mentees with advice and guidance that helps them figure out what they want and how to achieve it. Similarly, if there is something a mentee is curious about or unsure of, they can ask their mentor for advice on the matter. This can help keep mentees on the right path and avoid them making any critical mistakes by getting involved with things they don’t understand.
    • Feel Seen and Heard – Another reason mentoring is so important is that it allows mentees to feel seen and heard. Growing up is a difficult time full of change that can include things like peer pressure, bullying, and exclusion. However, with a mentor, mentees can feel accepted, comfortable, and seen since their mentor offers a safe, judgment-free space.
    • Gain Support – Mentoring is also essential because it helps mentees gain support and encouragement. Mentors want their mentees to succeed at whatever they do, so they provide support by encouraging them to keep pushing toward their goals, as well as by providing feedback on how they can improve. This is invaluable as mentees aim to become better in certain areas and continue to strive toward their aspirations.